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To help you purchase or close on your property, we at Integrity Title research the title; work with your lender; prepare the conveyance documents; pay off existing liens, encumbrances and mortgages; record the papers at the courthouse; and issue you and your lender a title insurance policy.
These things are done to protect you and your lender from:

  • Mistakes in legal descriptions or recording errors
  • Unsatisfied mortgages of record
  • Judgments and liens against the seller or the property
  • Unpaid real estate or inheritance taxes
  • Conveyances by individuals in which their marital status was falsified
  • Incomplete or erroneous probate or lack of probate
  • Forged documents, such as deeds or wills
  • Fraud
  • Boundary or survey errors

Title Ordering: To insure clear and marketable title, the following steps must occur; title search, city and county lien search; estoppel letters requested; payoffs and surveys are ordered; real estates taxes are refined; and contacts are made with all parties involved in the transaction.

Title Search: Performed to identify the proper owner(s) and to verify any encumbrances, liens, judgments, federal tax liens, bankruptcy and probate issues.

Title Exam:  Our staff attorney examines each document (in date order) to verify that the “chain of title” has passed with no errors, that the previous legal descriptions were correct, and that previous encumbrances have been satisfied.

Closing Coordinating: The staff at Integrity Title works together with all parties involved in the transaction— including buyers, sellers, lenders, mortgage brokers and real estate agent—to set the time and place of closing. The lender prepares, and then forwards, the loan package to Integrity Title for the mortgage closing.

At the closing: The Integrity Title escrow officer will explain and notarize all documents to be executed by the buyer and seller—note, mortgage, warranty deed, bill of sale, settlement statements, etc.

Whether at the closing or prior to the closing, your escrow officer is available to answer all of your questions.


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